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<3 Aaron

Nibb Le Onjello (2:53:55 AM): I don't even remember how to flirt -.-
Nibb Le Onjello (2:54:01 AM): I USED TO BE A GOOD FLIRT ;.;
Aaron (2:54:16 AM): hehe
Nibb Le Onjello (2:54:24 AM): don't laugh I'm really upset over that -.-
Aaron (2:54:47 AM): flirt with me!
Aaron (2:54:49 AM): i'll rate you.
Nibb Le Onjello (2:54:52 AM): LOL
Nibb Le Onjello (2:54:54 AM): hisssssss
Aaron (2:54:58 AM): sniff
Aaron (2:55:04 AM): whats wrong with the world
Aaron (2:55:06 AM): when your own sister
Aaron (2:55:10 AM): wont even flirt with you
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