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The answer to one of the greater questions in life.

Nibb Le Onjello (2:53:31 AM): why the hell
Nibb Le Onjello (2:53:40 AM): does my cat insist on laying down on -anything- I'm working on? -.-
Mark (2:53:47 AM): o.o
Mark (2:53:53 AM): cause it's a cat o.o
Mark (2:53:55 AM): they do that
Mark (2:53:58 AM): it's their job
Mark (2:54:03 AM): look it up in the owners manual
Mark (2:54:08 AM): under section 435-b
Mark (2:54:28 AM): paraphrased by the ancient egyptians. right there in fine print, in heiroglyphics.
Nibb Le Onjello (2:54:36 AM): oh... well hell look at that -.-
Mark (2:54:41 AM): cat's went on strike back then, kept their benefits ever since.
Mark (2:54:54 AM): wow I'm so full of shit.

[instert strings of stuff that are completly off topic.. sorta]

Mark (2:57:22 AM): aaaanyway. like I said. I'm full of shit. it's not in heiroglyphics. it's in sanskrit.
Mark (2:58:15 AM): mesopotamian diplomats oversaw the whole thing. they made nice mediators. afterwards, the egyptians used them in slave labor because the cats won.
Mark (2:58:33 AM): and that's how we found out the moon is made of bratwurst.
Mark (2:59:44 AM): see, dogs read up on the cat strike, and tried the same thing. but they lost.
Mark (2:59:51 AM): that's why they're so obedient
Mark (3:00:04 AM): nobody bothered to copy that one down though.
Mark (3:00:17 AM): I hear theres a dog liberation front in eastern libyia.
Mark (3:00:42 AM): led by some little chihuahua. something about being disgruntled for being put to work for some fast food commercials.
Mark (3:01:28 AM): at first he thought it'd be a good idea to have siberian huskie guards, but he didn't figure huskie + libyia = bad. cause of all the heat and all.
Mark (3:02:19 AM): so now he's struck a deal with Harvey, the Red Hamster of Death, and his rodent liberation front. Harvey spares some of his chinchilla elite, and the dogs help chase away the cats.
Mark (3:03:02 AM): everyone wins in the end. except us, when harvey unleashes nuclear winter with his carbon bomb. thankfully, the mice keep chewing through the wires in his detonator.
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